Talking About the Craft


The New England chapter of Sisters in Crime invited me to take part in a panel discussion this week. It was great fun, and reminded me of how much we need each other and events like this one… that connection can be a very good thing.

Let’s face it, writing is pretty much a solitary endeavor. Most of us, I expect, are at least partially attracted to it for just that reason. I am seldom happier than when I can just sit in a room and write. (I’ve had offers of shared space, places where artsy people work and interact, and frankly I can’t think of any way to work that would please me less!)

But the thing about working alone is that you can lose perspective. You can question yourself, wonder if you’re getting it right, despair of ever being disciplined enough to reach your goals. And then you go to a conference or a panel presentation with other authors and you realize, “Hey! I guess I’m pretty normal, after all!”

(Well, as normal as a writer ever gets.)

So I’m back in my room and writing again, but it was a lovely reality check. Many thanks to the Avon Public Library for hosting the talk and noticing that May is Mystery Month!