The Wait's Almost Over: Introducing Lethal Alliances!

My newest novel isn’t really new at all: it’s gone through a number of incarnations and revisions, but here it is in its final (I promise!) form: as Lethal Alliances from Homeport Press.

Set during the reign of King Philippe le Bel, this panoramic novel shares the passions and politics of medieval France in a tale rich with adventure, turmoil, and heartbreak. When three girls betrothed to Philippe’s sons arrive at the French court, they are soon swept up by palace intrigue and deadly betrayals. In the short period from 1301 to 1315, Phillipe will orchestrate the murder of a pope, drive the Jews from France, ensure the destruction of the Knights Templar, and thwart the love affair of his daughter, Isabelle—who, as queen of England, helps trigger the Hundred Years’ War.

LA Ebook cover 5-14-19.jpg