Jeannette de Beauvoir



Have you just finished your first novel? Want to write one, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you need help figuring out what to do with your latest nonfiction project. There’s too much to think about: self-publishing? finding an agent? creating a compelling narrative? I can help! I have expertise in fiction, self-help, memoir, history, religion, and various other nonfiction areas.

I can never guarantee that any manuscript leaving my hands will get published; what I can guarantee is that you’ll be a better writer after working with us. 


Levels of Editing


Involves checking spelling, grammar, syntax, etc., and emphasizes clarity, consistency, choreography, and comprehension. Copyediting is best done when the work is complete and ready for submission or production.

Developmental Editing

Working interactively with you on concept, structure, voice, and flow. Much more hands-on with rephrasing; may even involve recasting or rewriting. Best done in the early stages of a work’s evolution or else when a work is stuck and needs a fresh take. May involve multiple rounds, then followed upon completion by copyediting.


Critiques & Mentoring


Involves analyzing your work (in terms of audience or market) and providing a report; there’s no editing involved. Critiques can be helpful in determining what form of editing a work might need.

Coaching & Mentoring

Individual work over a period of time to help develop a project, a goal, or general growth as a writer.


Publication Consultation

Book Shepherding

The route to publication isn’t intuitive, and I can help you bring your work from concept to end product, whether via traditional or independent publishing.

Promotion Plans

I can help you with basic marketing plans and ideas for your book, and refer you onward if you need specific PR help.