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Grammar/Usage for Writers


The first thing for you to know is that this isn’t an exhaustive course on grammar. There are a lot of excellent grammatical guides available—I’ll tell you about them as we go along—and going over the details of what they have to say seems an exercise in both repetition and futility.

The point of this course is to help you, the writer, with some basic grammar and usage that you can apply to your writing and that will help you become a better and more careful writer in the process.

Our language is beautiful and flexible, and knowing the rules of the writing road, so to speak, will enable you to write clearly and lyrically.

This class contains the following components:

  • Week 1: Introduction

  • Week 2: Myths & basic rules

  • Week 3: Speech parts & sentence parts

  • Week 4: Nouns

  • Week 5: Verbs

  • Week 6: Style guides & style; usage

  • Week 7: Punctuation

  • Week 8: Prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, & conclusions

Every week will include a lesson, a reading of some sort, and assignments to be completed before you begin the next class. Some of the classes include recordings, videos, etc. Others will ask you to do some writing on your own. You’ll probably enjoy part of the course, and endure other parts; that’s the nature of the subject matter!

Each assignment should be sent to me at I will indicate to you that I have received your assignment, and will offer feedback on it within a week.

I hope that this course will be useful to you in whatever kind of writing you are doing now or plan to do in the future!

Order your eight-week online grammar and usage for writers class now for $175 using your credit card or PayPal account. Contact me to discuss your needs and to arrange for the class to begin.