Jeannette de Beauvoir



A Killer Carnival

It’s Carnival time in Provincetown, and wedding planner Sydney Riley is busy: creating a float for the parade, getting ready for her sister-in-law’s visit, and giving the new doctor in town some unexpected business. But when the float explodes before the parade even starts, Sydney, her boyfriend Ali, and her best friend Mirela find themselves investigating more than just the usual Carnival mayhem. Could neo-Nazis really be behind the attempt on Sydney’s life? Was the float a dry run… and, if so, what is the ultimate goal? Join them as they navigate death threats, a heatwave, conspiracy theories, and—of course—lots and lots of great food.


Lethal Alliances

Set during the reign of King Philippe le Bel, this panoramic novel shares the passions and politics of medieval France in a tale rich with adventure, turmoil, and heartbreak. When three girls betrothed to Philippe’s sons arrive at the French court, they are soon swept up by palace intrigue and deadly betrayals. In the short period from 1301 to 1315, Phillipe will orchestrate the murder of a pope, drive the Jews from France, ensure the destruction of the Knights Templar, and thwart the love affair of his daughter, Isabelle—who, as queen of England, helps trigger the Hundred Years’ War.

Readers who like authors such as Tracy Chevalier, Candace Robb, Ellis Peters, and Ken Follett will enjoy Lethal Alliances.

The richness of detail and authenticity of the times may be attributed to de Beauvoir’s background, but it truly takes a literary hand to capture these historical nuances in such a manner that the fictional side of the story remains completely engrossing even to those with no prior knowledge of or interest in French history.

Lethal Alliances crafts an engaging account that is as much about French politics of the times as it is about romance and intrigue. Winding these into the historical facts surrounding the political forces that clash with one another creates a moving, absorbing account which is educational, riveting, and hard to put down.
— Midwest Book Review
A master of suspense, de Beauvoir is renowned for creating authentic, compelling characters. Her nuanced, knowledgeable, and passionate portrayal of real-life individuals not only brings their stories to life but also reveals the machinations of a troubled time all too reminiscent of our own.
— A.C. Burch, Author

The Deadliest Blessing: A Provincetown Mystery

If there’s a dead body anywhere in Provincetown, wedding consultant Sydney Riley is going to be the one to find it! The seaside town’s annual Portuguese Festival is approaching and it looks like smooth sailing until Sydney’s neighbor decides to have some construction done in her home—and finds more than she bargained for inside her wall.

Now Sydney is again balancing her work at the Race Point Inn with an unexpected adventure that will eventually involve fishermen, gunrunners, a mummified cat, a family fortune, misplaced heirs, a girl with a mysterious past, and lots and lots of Portuguese food.  The Blessing of the Fleet is coming up, and unless Sydney can find the key to a decades-old murder, it might yet come back to haunt everyone in this otherwise-peaceful fishing village.

The Deadliest Blessing is the third in a mystery series set during Provincetown’s famous “theme weeks,” and featuring wedding consultant and amateur sleuth Sydney Riley. The series is “an opportunity for counteracting some of the “alternative facts” out there that keep people distanced from one another.
— Provincetown Magazine

Murder at Fantasia Fair: A Provincetown Mystery

Wedding coordinator Sydney Riley never thought she’d get caught up in a murder investigation, but she became an amateur sleuth when her boss was killed during Bear Week. Now she’s back, this time as the Race Point Inn hosts Provincetown’s venerable transgender event, Fantasia Fair… and murder is once again an uninvited guest!

It’s all hands on deck at the inn as visitors arrive for the week-long event and Sydney helps coordinator Rachel Parsons organize the occasion. Guest Elizabeth Gonzalez is attending with her spouse, Bob, who—as Angela—is taking a bold first step into a whole new existence. Angela, Elizabeth, and Sydney learn the ropes and politics from other guests, some of whom have attended annually for more than forty years.


Death of a Bear: A Provincetown Mystery

Sydney Riley is the wedding coordinator for the Race Point Inn in Provincetown, Massachusetts, a resort town on Cape Cod that attracts a diverse flow of summer visitors, including same-sex couples wishing to tie the knot where marriage equality in the United States all began. But Sydney’s busy schedule is interrupted when, right at the beginning of “Bear Week” (one of many theme weeks celebrating various groups) she finds her boss, Barry, the inn owner—and “bear” himself—floating in the inn’s swimming pool…dead.

Sydney thinks that everyone likes Barry, but soon she finds that there was a lot going on under the surface that she didn’t know about. Who’s been embezzling the inn’s funds? Was Barry really running a green-card scam out of the inn? Are any of the condo owners next door irate enough to come after Barry? What about that mysterious person in the Gropius house that Barry’s been seeing? And why does Sydney seem to be falling for—of all people—an ICE agent?

Join Sydney, her friend the Bulgarian artist Mirela, her coworkers Jason and Mike, Barry’s longtime partner Glenn, local police detective Julie, and a cast of a hundred bears as she tries to find out what really happened to Barry…hopefully before the killer collects any more bodies!


Our Lady of the Dunes

In 1942, Boston teenager Jessica Stanfield is learning about life and its complexities in a time of war as she sees her German housekeeper Anna harassed and threatened. Her parents, anxious for Jessica’s safety as well as Anna’s, send them to spend the summer in one of the dune shacks of the backshore of Cape Cod.

Jessica is enchanted by her new independence as well as by the wild nature that she discovers in the dunes. She is befriended by a local girl, Sophie, the daughter of a fisherman, and as time passes the girls’ special friendship deepens. But the summer isn’t just idyllic: rumors of camps in Europe, the presence of U-boats off the coast, and dangers even closer to home put Jessica’s newfound strength to the test. And when she’s called upon to make decisions about what is right and what is wrong, she finds that she has to grow up… quickly.

This coming-of-age novel thrills with its descriptions of Provincetown and the Outer Cape during WWII, but also challenges assumptions and underlines the moral ambiguity present at any age during wartime.


Deadly Jewels: A Novel

When Martine LeDuc, publicity director for the city of Montréal, is summoned into the mayor's office, she's pleasantly surprised to find the city is due for a PR coup: a doctoral researcher at McGill University claims to have found proof that the British crown jewels were stored in Montréal during WWII.

Martine is thrilled to be part of the excavation project, until it turns out that the dig's discoveries include the skeleton of a man with diamonds in his ribcage and a hole in his skull. Is this decades-old murder leading her too far into the dangerous world of Canada’s neo-Nazi networks, or is there something going on that makes the jewels themselves deadly? Is history ever really completely buried?

With pressing personal issues crowding into her professional life, Martine needs to solve not only the puzzle of the jewels, but some more recent crimes?including another murder, a kidnapping, and the operation of an ancient cult in Montréal?and do it before the past reaches out to silence her for good.

Great reviews from Kirkus, Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, and more!

…another riveting read from the pen of author Jeannette de Beauvoir and continues to demonstrate her total mastery of the mystery/suspense genre.
— Midwest Book Review

Asylum: A Mystery

Martine LeDuc is the PR director for Montreal, where four women have been murdered. Liasing with police lieutenant Julian Fletcher, she discovers that all the women were looking into Montreal’s past, when orphans were transferred to a psychiatric hospital and made the subjects of experimentation (drugs, electroshock, lobotomies) in collusion with the CIA’s MK-Ultra program.

All of the murdered women have a connection to these historic situations, and were killed to keep someone else’s role from becoming public. Martine finds herself standing between the killer—and his getting away with it all.

De Beauvoir has delivered a harrowing, addictive read that will keep you up late into the night and your mind lingering long after you’ve closed the book. Asylum is riveting and disturbing, and charming amateur sleuth Martine LeDuc is an indomitable and courageous heroine you’ll be rooting for from page one.
— Linda Castillo, New York Times-bestselling author of the Kate Burkholder Amish mystery series

Murder Most Academic

Trinity Pierce has a past. These days she is a history professor; but until two years ago she was financing her graduate school education and her mother’s residence in an expensive psychiatric hospital with regular work as a high-class call girl. She is careful not to share that past with anyone at Boston’s Moreland College, where she hopes to eventually secure tenure; but now Kate Kazanjian, who used to be Trinity’s madam, contacts her.

Kate has a problem: one of her clients is being blackmailed. The client also happens to teach at Moreland, and Kate wants Trinity to figure out what’s up—and save her colleague. But when the blackmailer is found murdered, it’s unclear whether Trinity will have the chance to help anyone at all!