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Whether it is a simple thank you note or an important business communication, Jeannette gets it done with style. With brush (keyboard) and canvas (monitor) in hand, she has the ability to pen a story that not only gets one’s attention, it demands it. There are very few who can deliver both the steak and the sizzle. Jeannette is at the head of that class.
— Bob Cloutier, Sales Director, CertainSource
I have been hiring Jeannette to write freelance for Provincetown Magazine for a few years now. She is an extremely reliable writer who always gets the job done and makes my job as editor easy. Whether it is from an idea she pitched or an assignment I gave her, the resulting articles have always been well written, on time, and proofread before she sends them in. I also always feel confident in her ethics, discretion, and ability to write well about just about any topic. This is why she is always at the top of my list of freelancers to call.
— Rebecca Alvin, Provincetown Magazine
I have worked with Jeannette de Beauvoir on many occasions and have found her to be an excellent editor. I would highly recommend her for your editing needs.
— Lorie Lewis Ham, Publisher of Kings River Life Magazine