Jeannette de Beauvoir


I’ve taken a lot of classes over the years, and Jeannette is hands-down the best and most inspirational writing teacher I’ve ever experienced. I’m firmly convinced that I am published today because of her.
— Linda Stone, Essayist and Novelist
I was hesitant about taking an online class—but you can feel Jeannette’s personality through every lesson and she’s there with you every step of the way. I’m on my third class and have improved significantly since I started. Can’t recommend her enough.
— Patricia Mason, NYC
Jeannette’s tough, she doesn’t expect anything but your best. Don’t take a class if you’re thin-skinned, because she tells it like it is. But she’ll help you get great. She’s edited two of my novels, both of which have been accepted by a publisher, and after that I took the historical fiction class and loved it.
— Marianne Malik, Montréal
She’s funny and thoughtful and helpful. Great class.
— Leonard Vazquez, Santa Fe