Jeannette de Beauvoir


Whether it is a simple thank you note or an important business communication, Jeannette gets it done with style. With brush (keyboard) and canvas (monitor) in hand, she has the ability to pen a story that not only gets one’s attention, it demands it. There are very few who can deliver both the steak and the sizzle. Jeannette is at the head of that class.
— Bob Cloutier, Sales Director, CertainSource
I have been hiring Jeannette to write freelance for Provincetown Magazine for a few years now. She is an extremely reliable writer who always gets the job done and makes my job as editor easy. Whether it is from an idea she pitched or an assignment I gave her, the resulting articles have always been well written, on time, and proofread before she sends them in. I also always feel confident in her ethics, discretion, and ability to write well about just about any topic. This is why she is always at the top of my list of freelancers to call.
— Rebecca Alvin, Provincetown Magazine
I have worked with Jeannette de Beauvoir on many occasions and have found her to be an excellent editor. I would highly recommend her for your editing needs.
— Lorie Lewis Ham, Publisher of Kings River Life Magazine
Jeannette edited my first novel, Visions 2012: The Nostradamus Design. As a first-time author and self-publisher, I had no idea what to expect with the process, especially with my initial search for an editor. But I was thorough in my search, asking for sample edits of my work, and searching for reviews and references. Jeannette’s style for the sample was by far the most attractive to me. She suggested the changes that made the most sense, without trying to rewrite what I had written or change my style of writing. She pointed out areas that needed work, and gave solid reasons. She carried that style through the whole manuscript once I chose her as my editor. I think the best part about working with Jeannette was that she does a complete second round of edits once you have gone through the first round. Naturally, with all the changes you either accept, ignore or modify there will be a need for a second review. Visions 2012 is now available on Amazon as well as Barnes and Noble online, and is getting fantastic early reviews. I highly recommend Jeannette to help you with your project as well.
— Vincent Vizzaccaro
Jeannette is able to get quickly up to speed with a company’s documentation needs and put them into words into an articulate and professional manner. Whether doing general corporate writing or marketing/web copy, she is skilled, punctual, and inspired.
— Dana Greenspan, Freelance Strategic Business Partner Development, IBM
Thanks so much for your work. You are thorough, fast, and smart. I love it.
— Sean C. Kearns, Proving Ground
When I was writing Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather I wanted a story that would be easy and fun to read even though it dealt with history and science. I chose Jeannette because she convinced me she would listen to me and help me attain my goal. She even came to Kansas to go storm chasing in order go get inside the story. I’m very pleased with the final result and so are the critics.
— Michael R. Smith, C.C.M. Sr. Vice President/Chief Innovation
Jeannette is a wonderful professional to work with. She is so knowledgeable about so many things and has an expertise in a number of areas. She is a person who is diligent, loyal and patient. Her writing is superb and she can help you become a better writer just by working with her. I would hire Jeannette to edit or write anything!
— Yvonne Renee Davis, DAVIS Communications
Jeannette provided outstanding editing services for DreamTime Publishing. I used her for all of the books in our Open Your Heart series (14), for both content development and copyediting, as well as for the books we published that were not part of that series (3). She is reliable, creative, and talented, and wrote two of the books in the series herself. Having Jeannette on your side in a project is a beautiful thing, as she will look for other ways to help you above and beyond what she is specifically hired to do. For example, she also sent other talented authors my way. She also understands and appreciates the value of taking a project through to completion, whether that means an editing job or doing what it takes to promote her own books. I would definitely work with Jeannette again if the opportunity presented itself.
— Meg Bertini, President, DreamTime Publishing
Jeannette and I have worked together in three capacities. We got acquainted through the Copyediting-L forum, where we participate as colleagues. Then I subcontracted to her in a teaching edit on a client’s novel, after which she served as copy editor for my own book—a nonfiction title in a series for which she was the series editor. We’ve also communicated informally about our respective works in process. In all cases, her professionalism, insight, and positive attitude have carried through whatever project or discussion was underway. I look forward to working with her again, and recommend her services without hesitation.
— Carolyn Haley, DocuMania
I hired Jeannette to create a keynote speech for me. What I received instead was a true partner from beginning to end! Jeannette knew exactly what would work with my audience and was very open to my input. She took the time to really get to know me, my business, and the women that I work with before crafting an extremely thorough and creative proposal for my keynote. When writing my keynote, Jeannette focused on providing my audience with incredible value, while also creating an emotional connection that would encourage them to continue a relationship with me after the event. It was very obvious that she also put a lot of time into researching the topic. She not only prepared and slightly revised my keynote in an extremely timely manner, but also provided me with presentation tips to implement while I practiced so that I could present very naturally. It was a pleasure to work with Jeannette and I look forward to working with her again in the future. Thank you, Jeannette, for taking all the stress out of my first major keynote!
— Colleen Bushby,
I had been working on my manuscript for quite some time, and I sent it to Jeannette for what I thought would be minor edits and clean up. What I got was nothing short of an education in writing. She didn’t rewrite my story, but she suggested cuts, word edits, and changes in emphasis that stripped the story of the excess verbiage and detail that weighed it down. She gave me tips (like “feel badly” means that the character literally can’t touch things well) that freed the characters from some clunky writing. And when the story was headed down an unfortunate path, Jeannette pointed me in a more productive direction. I told Jeannette that it was amazing how much I learned after I thought I’d finished the manuscript, and I can thank her for that. Now, I can’t imagine submitting a manuscript without first getting her opinion.
— Viola Barry
I hired Jeannette in 2006 to assist me in editing my novel, Poet Of The Wrong Generation. It was Jeannette’s enthusiasm for the subject matter of my work (along with her excellent credentials) that drew me to work with her. Jeannette is so much more than an editor. First and foremost, she is a teacher of writing. Jeannette doesn’t simply edit your project. She instructs her clients on how to become better writers. Jeannette’s greatest strength may be her ability to identify a writer’s weaknesses and turn them into strengths. I consider her greatest areas of expertise to be in improving dialog, punctuation and story analysis. Beyond her editing/teaching skills, Jeannette is always prompt to respond to a client’s emails. She is quick on turnaround time, and will always meet any deadline. Best of all, she is passionate about every project that she takes on. Her investment in your work will be well beyond her editing time.
— Lonnie Ostrow
While searching for a professional editor I was very fortunate to find Jeannette! I was very impressed with her knowledge and ability to not only edit my manuscript but also make it better. Jeannette went above and beyond what I expected. She provided helpful tips and education throughout the process that were very much appreciated. Not only do I recommend Jeannette de Beauvoir but I will continue to use her services as well.
— Ryan D. Eldridge, Co-founder and CEO, Wealth by Design, LLC